Saturday, 26 July 2014

Another catch up - Lydia from 6 to 8 months!

Yes, I'm back again! :) It's because I want to get up-to-date already, so that I can talk about what's on my mind (hint: not photos of Lydia, much as I love her!). But, a separate post, so I want to catch up first.

Last entry I posted up to when she turned 6 months old, and I'm going to carry on from there. This is really for my own record-keeping here, so I have something to look back on, but if others enjoy it too, so much the better! :) Thanks for the sweet comments on my last two catch-up posts, by the way! And I am feeling much better, thanks! SO relieved about that. I am taking adrenal support formula (basically bovine adrenal gland) every morning, and a herbal tincture 3x a day. Also seem to have issues with anxiety that are converting into physical symptoms a lot, so I am working on some relaxation techniques and diaphragmatic breathing to see if that helps (it is!). Getting there. Still feeling tired, shaky and weak at times, and panic easily, but SO much better than I was! I'm functioning almost completely normally again - not quite, but almost! :)

So, this first photo of Lydia was taken at 6 months and 4 days old, right after the last photos in the last entry. It's significant because she was sitting for the first time on her own (well, she'd done it a couple of other times that day and the day before), and although she keeled over after just a few seconds, she was able to sit bolt upright so long as she was concentrating on a toy! It's also to record her first proper "bunches"! She had sparkly pink hair bands and a strawberry hair clip and everything! :D I was seriously so excited, lol!

Breakfast, aged 6 months and 3 weeks. She was juuuust beginning to become really interested in food, since I let her be a few weeks before, and only wanted dry finger food to gnaw on and then push out, so toast was a hit! ;)

These were taken at 7 months and 1 week old - Lydia and 'Lijah (who turned 2 a few days beforehand) playing together on the rug in the living room. :) She looks bigger than Elijah here, but she really wasn't! He's very petite, for sure (and she isn't, hehe!), but it was purely camera angles, honest! She was getting very comfortable on all-fours, having started rocking for a couple of weeks already, and later in the day after I took these photos, she did a little crawl for the first time! Exciting! :)

A week later, at 7 and a half months, she began kneeling at things and she was officially crawling everywhere! Real proper crawling! She didn't bum shuffle or army crawl at all, just rocked and lunged forwards for a couple of weeks, followed by a "tentative week" of little crawls, and then off she went! I have a video from the 8th of June (the photos above and her first little crawl took place on the 30th of May) but I don't know how to upload videos here any more. Only the phone will take videos, which don't upload to my laptop, and I can only upload laptop stuff to blogger for some reason. :( Anyway, another week later (June 15th, so 7 months and 3 weeks old), this happened after church:

She pulled to stand! This quickly became her new favourite activity to practice as often as possible, and she began cruising EVER SO tentatively with barely perceptible foot movements (!!) over the next couple of weeks. She was so subtle about it that I actually can't say when she started cruising! I would sometimes WATCH her to see if she could do it, and I still couldn't say that she HAD, but she would definitely be a foot or two further along the sofa, lol!
Here she is with 'Lijah in the garden, a few days before turning 8 months old. Aren't they little and sweet?! I had a rare afternoon with just these two treasures, because Arthur and Matthew were at a midsummer fete with Heather and her family, and the three middle boys (!) had been invited to a 4-year-old's birthday party, which Neil took them to and stayed to help. So I took the tiny two in the garden for a snack and some play time. It felt SO quiet, and our tiny garden seemed so big, lol!
A day after the above photo - June 22nd - the day before she turned 8 months old, she started waving and clapping all of a sudden in the afternoon! :) She could respond to us waving or clapping to her by copying us, and initiate it so we would copy her. She loves waving and clapping, and funnily enough she is very delicate with both actions, nothing frantic or flappy at all! ;) She uses small careful movements to wave, turning her wrist this way and that as though she's slowly feeling it out, and clapping is a calm, measured activity. She's SO different from my boys! :)
These next photos are from the same weekend - Lydia discovered once and for all that real proper meals are wonderful! ;) Heather, bless her precious heart, has spent two whole days cooking a variety of really wholesome yummy meals for us, and has stocked our freezer with weeks worth of meals. I love her so much! She's such a wonderful friend. I will SO miss having her nearby when we move, and she is moving too, so it feels even more of a "removal"! Anyway, we just served Lydia all Heather's home-cooked meals, and she LOVED them! I have some standards to live up to now, lol! Here she is discovering the joys of sausage casserole! She ate the end of my plateful, and I even offered her some banana cake for dessert, but she wanted more sausage casserole and peas instead! She had her own portions from this day on! ;)

She has never looked back! :) See, look - spaghetti bolognese (8 months old from here onwards):

Fish Pie! Happy Eater! :) She likes EVERYTHING! What a difference from 6 months old when she clearly wasn't ready for food yet. Babies are ready for solid food in. their. own. time!

A few days after she turned 8 months old, I found my long lost really special camera lens, and started snapping photos of Lydia straight away! :) Here are a few of my favourites:
Eating paper - she's a major paper fiend. And stickers, fluff, bits of crayon, cardboard, etc. Anything she can eat off the floor, she will! :/

Such big blue eyes! :) Love her!

Playing with Duplo, really concentrating on the feel of the Duplo surfaces moving together:

Laughing at Matthew! I love this one. She loves Matthew so much, and he loves her and spends quite a bit of time with her too. They all do, but he's especially tender and affectionate with her.

See how happy?! Matthew was holding her upright under her arms, "walking" her about. :)

Little tiny peeps playing together. I remember Elijah was also 8 months old the first time I had reason to photograph him actually playing alongside Samuel. Seems to be a developmental stage for my littles! :)

I have more, I have more! But I have to go to bed. We're at 8 months now, so another 2 months caught up, and only one left to go, yay! :) See how her hair is just growing and growing! It is now too long in the front, and I have to clip or tie it back so she doesn't rub it in her eyes or get loads of food in it. I don't plan to cut it at ALL, because I adore little girls with long hair the same length all over. I am not a massive fan of The Fringe (bangs) even though it does look sweet on little girls. I love the natural look of the front being long too, and swept to one or both sides. Really excited about hair-related things with my baby girl! :)

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Continuing update on Lydia - from 4 months...

Starting to add another entry, bit by bit when I find the time. Sooooo many photos! It's hard to narrow it down to few enough to post here in one go!

So, last entry I didn't get to do any more photos than the one where Lydia turned 4 months old - seems like such a long time ago now that she's only days away from turning NINE months old!! By this time after ALL my other babies, I was already here talking about charts and tests and the first few weeks of pregnancy even! But that's another story for another post, I think. For now, photos!

I like this one, so I'm posting it! :) Lydia at 4 months old, wearing her outfit-for-the-day, while her brothers spontaneously ran for the little pink organza baggies that hold her hair clips, and laid them out on the floor to choose the perfect clip to match her outfit! LOVE this! :)

Two photos of Elijah (21 months) and Lydia (4 months) - my tiny sweet peas! In this photo, they happened to both be wearing tights (long story, but in a nutshell, Elijah climbs the safety gates with his toes, so tights were the solution while it was cold weather!) - the tights were from the same pack, sized 6-12 months! Elijah is such a peanut and Lydia is the squishiest chunkiest baby girly! The tights fit them both, but they were a little tight on her thighs! ;)

Look at those cheeks! She was getting so much stronger on her tummy by this age (4 months and 2 weeks old), but still had to dip her head a little to use "smiling" muscles! :)

Gorgeous girly at the park, a couple of days running. We FINALLY had spring weather, and went to the park every day to bask in it. She loves the outdoors - actually she's just generally a really happy girl in most situations and smiles a lot - LOVE her! :)

Took this photo specifically to make a record of her neck rolls!! Yum! :)

Lydie and Mummy! :)

I really don't have any breastfeeding photos of Lydia, which makes me sad! So I took this one - she was tired and getting cranky by the end of the afternoon, and before I called the boys to go home, I sat under a tree and breastfed her until she fell asleep. Since I had my camera round my neck, I decided to capture the moment! :)

Four months and three weeks old - this was taken when she first found her feet and started spending lots of time playing with them! :) Beautiful girly...
Another day at the park, this time 5 and a half months old, with Nathan (6), who kept asking me to let him hold her and take their picture! :)

Five months and 3 weeks old - she was allllmost at the point of being up on her hands and knees at this point, and spent lots of time each day trying hard to do it! She was being entertained by Elijah here - he kept trying to show her how to push a toy car along, and she was giving him plenty of attention over it, lol!

Then look! Later that same day, she did it! :)

Six months old today! :) This is one of Lydia's many "girly" looks, and I love that I caught it on camera for prosperity! She's SO girly, or at least, as far as I can tell from a baby... :)

Felt food! ;) Actually it was the pre-empting of a big traditional event which always takes place the day my babies turn 6 months old - their first food!

We do Baby-Led Weaning here, which means no purees, just "table" (or, real!) food that we eat. I tend to start my babies with a partly peeled banana. Here are a set of photos of the big event - Arthur holding Lydia while we got the booster seat ready for her to sit in, and then Lydia trying her first banana. She was not impressed, lol! She spat it out in the end and intentionally dropped the rest of the banana on the floor with a very cheesy expression, hehe! Incidentally, after a couple more tries, I gave up offering her food for another month-ish, because I deemed her not to be ready. From 7 months on, she has devoured everything I put in front of her with great joy, including banana, and she even cries when it's finished! :) She was definitely not ready at 6 months, but it was a fun first try all the same. :)

And after the first food ordeal, Nathan wanted to hold her and have me take their picture again. Matthew was busy loving her too, so he's in it as well. :) She is SO well loved by her brothers, and she adores them all!

Well, I know I have only gone from 4-6 months old here, and there are obviously more months yet to cover, but I think I will stop there again. There are so many photos! It's a relief to catch up a bit more, and I want to make a post in one night instead of adding bits over various evenings as I find time. And it's late and I'm tired now. I have lots I want to write about here at the moment, so I will try to be motivated to come back soon and finish catching up on Lydia - she has changed SO much in the last two months! She is eating, crawling, pulling to stand, cruising, and she even stood for a few seconds unaided this week! She cut her first tooth a couple of days ago (top middle left, like Nathan, Benjamin and Samuel), and the one next to it looks ready to come through maybe tomorrow or the next day. She is getting into things now, pulling books off shelves and eating everything off the floor - she particularly has a passion for paper! Her hair continues to grow, and the photos I have yet to post will show more of the joyous things I have been able to do with it as a result! :)
I love her and am enjoying her so very much! She's a darling. She breastfeeds on demand, still wakes at night, but I don't count - she's easy to re-settle and we co-sleep so I try to stay as asleep as possible! She naps twice a day right now - again, very easy to settle. I nurse her to sleep for naps, or we still (STILL!) use the bouncy chair to rock her off if a feed doesn't do it. She's placid, determined, happy, and girly. We all love her SOOOO! So very blessed to have our little Lydia Jane in our family. :)