Sunday, 28 February 2010


Well here I am again, late evening, to ramble about various things so that they're not all jumbling about in my head for bed time! :)

I'm 7DPO today, and my temperature dropped this morning. It was not much of a drop (not even quite back to the previous day's temp of 36.5), but still a drop, so I was immediately suspicious that my period would show. It hasn't yet, and I'm going to bed in a minute, after I write this. I will just jot down the day's "stuff" as I started to yesterday. I have no idea what to expect really, except that I am leaning more towards getting my period. I wonder if it might turn up tomorrow, with a slight drop in temperature today and then maybe a more significant one in the morning tomorrow before my period arrives? It should probably turn up early on in the day I think, if that's the case (bracing myself, lol!).

Today I have had significantly increased CM again this afternoon (more so than yesterday I think) along with a sort of hot (burny, almost) achy/crampy feel low down in the pit of my abdomen. Like yesterday's mild crampiness (central and low) but more so. We went to Bennie and Sarah's today to see my new nephew, Rasmus, for the first time!! He was born on February 16th (8lbs 3oz), so he's still really teeny tiny and newborn-y!! I was so overcome holding him! Everything in me wanted to fold myself around him protectively and just snuggle him. He's so precious! I adore newborns - seems like the more of my own I have, the more I adore newborns. *sigh* Seeeerious baby fever this afternoon holding Rasmus, hehe! Even with holding my rather screechy and miserable baby-boo who was dealing with teething and stranger anxiety all rolled into one, poor lovey!

Anyway, I felt so sure at one point that my period had started while we were there. I felt "leaky" and so so crampy. I actually excused myself to go to the loo and was SO surprised when I checked and there was no blood.

Today I have more cramping than yesterday, almost constantly and I have felt 100% (literally the 100) SURE my period is coming any minute quite a lot today, especially through the late afternoon and early evening. Right now it's late evening and I am still having low central discomfort and crampiness in general. Have had some soreness inside my right hip, lower down towards the level of my pubic bone and almost into my hip joint/thigh too, but that was more during the morning - so I have charted one-sided pinching cramp or whatever it is on my chart! ;) If that is implantation-ish, then it's surely too late in my luteal phase to stand a chance? I mean, it only started yesterday at 6DPO (within my normal 4-7DPO window for implantation), and my LP might only be 7 or 8 days long :( I have had backache with it most of the day, and some of the more period-like cramping has radiated through the small of my back like real period pain. It hasn't been there all the time though.

I'm noticably more moody today - PMS? Irritable and just moody over nothing in particular - no patience whatsoever with Neil and the boys, but more so with Neil I think, which is now (happily!) unusual for me, so I really noticed it as "different" today. I feel more easily overwhelmed today but it being Sunday means that Neil is around, I have had more time out to rest, so it hasn't been as bad as it could have been I think! Definitely hormonal and moody though, and significantly worse than yesterday.

Very gassy today and rather uncomfortable with it! Bloated too. This is about the 4th day running, I think. Or something like that. Appetite normal. I've had heartburn tonight (as yesterday) both before eating and after. Still feels a bit like a bladder infection with the low central discomfort and cramping (it really isn't cramping as SUCH, but I can't think of a closer word to describe it, to what it really is), but I have no symptoms of a bladder infection otherwise.

I haven't charted headache today but there's been a remnant feel of one hanging around from time to time today. Not actual headache though, I don't think.

EXHAUSTED, unbelievably so. Even mentioned it to Neil as it's so overwhelming today. Very much like yesterday, which I thought was an indication that my period might arrive the next day (usually it's the day before or something like that, with a headache). Feels very much hormonal as opposed to just sleep-related (though I'm very sleep deprived too, this just feels different to the usual tiredness from that) - could easily be my period coming. Or pregnancy I guess.

I have had the same soreness breastfeeding Matthew at bedtime tonight, as last night, and had to stop him in the end. I have charted tender breasts today which I haven't had so far this luteal phase, and which could easily mean either period or pregnancy. They also seem a bit bigger than usual today, though I'm sure it's not to do with my milk supply, and I've had flashing and stabby pains there too here and there through the afternoon.

I wondered in the car coming home from Bennie and Sarah's earlier this evening, whether I should chart "bad cramps" for the crampiness that made me feel SURE my period had started. But now late evening I have had some definite "bad cramps" - really uncomfy and pressurey and hot-crampy. In the past my history is that I only ever have charted bad cramps during my luteal phase on PREGNANCY cycles. Never ever ever on a non-pregnant cycle (including chemical pregnancies though). Hmmm. Even the day before my period is due I don't get bad cramps, but I guess things COULD change so that I do sometimes, and also it might be that my period is literally starting this moment, hence the increase in severity of the cramps? Most of the "bad" cramping is more hot and pressurey and just intense discomfort than actual period crampiness, but it's definitely more than mild cramps! This evening I have had some that have felt very much like period pain radiating through the small of my back as well, but right now I don't have bad cramps as such, just the persistant pressurey/crampy discomfort low down in the pit of my abdomen, right in the centre about the level of my pubic bone. That has been persistant all day long from when I got up.

Well, the only thing to do is to go to bed and see what the morning brings! Desperately hoping I can get sleep at the right time to temp accurately in the morning, with Benjamin's early morning wakings! I'm hoping my period holds off long enough to give me an 8-day luteal phase (thus not arriving till the day after tomorrow), but I will just have to see what the morning's temp will be! There is still no sign of my period tonight, despite all the crampiness, so I am going to go to bed. I'll update tomorrow when I can, hopefully get the temp on my chart first thing when I put Benjamin down for his first nap (often as early as 8am! He's an early-riser!).


ChilverHall said...

Oooo a temp rise!!! When are you testing, when are you testing??? lol :-)

Alice said...

I tested already Sarah, because I'm a nutcase, hahaha! ;) Negative of course! I was so excited when I saw this morning's temp!!! I'll update this evening because who knows what the day will bring. Thanks for being excited with me! :)

Megan (FriedOkra) said...

GASP! Weirdly soft skin!